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Dr. Tillwich GmbH Werner Stehr 
 * Development and production of special precision oils and greases
 * Lubricants for precision mechanics, instrument technology and horology
 * Plastic oils and plastic greases, very low-temperature lubricants
 * Epilamization products for all materials. Coatings for life span lubrication
 * Optimizing investigations at simulation units and materials. Damage analysis
 * Tribology consultation for simulaton tests and product development
 * Tribology testing sets. Own construction, manufacturing and software
 * Introductory seminars and advanced training.

From the cause search to the reliable solution!
 * Systems analysis at the customer part. Examination of the camp Design
 * What is the cause of the problem? Friction, wear, lubricant, design or material?
 * How does the optimal solution look and how it in production is converted?
 * Free European-wide service
 * Friction and wear investigations in the own test laboratory
 * Lubricant laboratory for the fast adaptation.

Knowledge in the area of the plastic tribology is supported by more than 5000 own world-wide exclusive friction and wear results.












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