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   Product Data Sheet:

       Test Fluid - Test Oil 'Red' for Antispread (Test Fluid to Proof Antispread's Oil Repelling Effect) TS2000EN.pdf  DownLoad
       Coating - Antispread F2-50 FK60 (Epilamisation Agent for Metals & Plastics) TE1205EN.pdf  DownLoad
       Coating - Antispread F2-200 FK60 (Epilamisation Agent for Metals & Plastics) TE1220EN.pdf  DownLoad
       Oil - Gyrosynth 992 (Fully Synthetic Precision Oil for Metals & Jewels) TS5210EN.pdf  DownLoad
       Oil - Plastic Oil 4563-600 (Precision Oil for Automotive & Aviation Instruments) TS3104EN.pdf  DownLoad
       Oil - Plastic Oil K2363-100 (Precision Lubricant for Plastics) TS2100en.pdf  DownLoad
       Oil - Plastic Oil K2363-509 (Precision Lubricant for Plastics) TS2302EN.pdf  DownLoad
       Oil - Plastic Oil K2363-1000 (Precision Lubricant for Plastics) TS2402EN.pdf  DownLoad
       Oil - Plastic Oil K4563-100 (Precision Oil for Automotive & Aviation Instruments) TS3010en.pdf  DownLoad
       Oil - Plastic Oil K4563-1000 (Precision Oil for Automotive & Aiation Instruments) TS3201EN.pdf  DownLoad
       Oil - Clock 859 (Synthetic Clock Oil) TS5100EN.pdf  DownLoad
       Oil - Fluorstatic 70 (Fluorinated Fully Synthetic Special Oil) TS4500en.pdf  DownLoad
       Grease - Fluorstatic 70 PTFE (Precision Grease for Metals & Plastics) TF2450EN.pdf  DownLoad
       Grease - Plastic Grease K4563-600 25% PTFE (Precision Grease for Automotive & Aviation Industry) TF2920EN.pdf  DownLoad
       Grease - Linear Bearing Grease (Precision Grease with Micro PTFE Powders) TF2861EN.pdf  DownLoad
       Grease - Fluid Grease K4563-100 PTFE Blue (Fluid Precision Grease for Automotive & Aviation Industry) TF2925EN.pdf  DownLoad
       Grease - Fluid Grease Clock 859-8 (Precision Grease for Metals) TF1800EN.pdf  DownLoad
       Grease - Bearing Grease 117643 Spacer PMF (Soft Precision Grease with Optimized Stick-Sip behavior for Metals & Plastics) TF190.pdf  DownLoad
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